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Hardenbergia violacae

A fast growing evergreen climber. In winter to spring it produces a showy display of violet-mauve flowers. Idea for covering fences and walls. Thrives in most soils and prefers full sun.

Jasminum polyanthemum

An evergreen climber bearing large clusters of fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers in spring. This climber is good for providing quick cover for fences, sheds,wall and garages. It is a hardy plant growing in most situations.

Pandorea Snow Bells

A vigorous and hardy Australian native climber. Has a mass of snowy white trumpet-like flowers appearing in spring. A fast growing climber useful for covering pergolas, fences and walls. Preffers well drained soils and can tolerate drought periods.

Gelsenium sempervirens

An evergreen climber with glossy leaves and a Yellow bell-shaped flower appearing spring and sometimes autumn. Prefers a sunny position with moist well drained soil. Needs support in the way of a trellis or fence to grow on.

Muelhenbekia complexa

An unusual evergreen twining plant with dense, tangled wire-like stems and rounded deep green leaves. An effective screen for posts, stumps or trained on a trellis. Grows in most well drained soils in full sun or partial shade.

Pandorea Golden Showers

A vigorous Australian native climber with glossy leaves and yellow trumpet shaped flowers appearing in late spring. Prefers moist well drained soil in a sunny to partly shaded position. Prune after flowering to maintain compact habit.

Pandorea Ladi Di

A decorative Australian native climber. From spring to autumn it bears large white trumpet shaped flowers. Thrives in a sunny to partly shaded position in well drained soil. Good for covering fences, walls and pergolas.

Pyrostegia venusta

An evergreen climber with tendrils which attach themselves as they climb. This showy climber bears a long lasting display of orange trumpet shaded flowers in autumn, winter and spring. Requires a warm frost free climate in well drained soil.

Solanum jasminoides

A fast growing woody stemed climber. Has clusters of white star-like flowers for most of the year. Used for covering fences, pergolas and fences. Thrives in soils and conditions but will do its best in moist well drained soils. Best in full sun.

Trachelospernum jasminoides

The highlight of this climber is its mass show of star-shaped white, fragrant flowers. A vigorous plant used to grow up walls, fences, pergolas, sheds and garages. Also suitable as a ground cover. Best grown in a sunny position but will also handle shade.

Trachelospernum jasminoides varigated

An attractive evergreen climber from China with sweetly fragrant star-shaped flowers and variegated foliage. Ideal as a feature plant in a garden or a pot. Can be trained onto pillars, arches and pergolas. Best in sunny position in well drained soil.

Wisteria floribuna

Deciduous climber with fragrant purple flowers opening in spring. Very hardy and ideal for training over an arch or pergola. Prefers acid soil with plenty of water at blossom time.

Wisteria sinensis

A vigorous woody deciduos climber.In spring it produces abundant sprays of lavender blue flowers up to 30cm long. Used for training over pergolas, arch ways or gazebos. Very herdy plant thiving in most soils. Prefers full sun.